USA and Canada Similar

BY: Jd Gonzales

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US and Canada Economic

The US and Canada share the largest and most comprehensive trading relationship in the world.It supports millions of people's jobs in countries. Canada supplies the US with energy and operate a integrated electricity grid. Canada also supplies the US with uranium to fuel our nuclear plants. Canada and the US also have one of the worlds largest investment relationships. The US is Canada's largest foreign investor, and Canada is the third largest investor in the US.
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US and Canada Social

They have a bilateral relationship, forged by economic ties, common values,interest and beliefs. We stand together in addressing security problems,energy needs,economic and immigration.
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US and Canada political

The US and Canada are the worlds largest trading partners.They are closely allied since cold war.They both share a similar geography and border.Have a extensive defensive arrangement and military forces that cooperate in continental defense.We are great allies in government, trading, enforcement, etc.