Enrollment Information

St. John's UMC Parents' Day Out & Preschool

Enrollment Link--2020-21 School Year--Second Semester

We are still accepting names to enroll or be added to the waitlist for second semester in all of our classrooms:


Ladybug (young toddler, 12 mo+)

Firefly (older toddler)

Limited Openings:

Roly Poly (2's)

Bumblebee (3's)

Dragonfly (4's)

Enrollment Link: https://forms.gle/Fyv7uDbEY6SEi5Hj6

*Fill out a separate form for each child you wish to enroll.

*Your child will be place in classrooms based on their date of birth. You do not need to choose a classroom for your child.

*The 2020-21 Registration Fee is $100 per child. This fee is non-refundable. Your first month of tuition (prorated if necessary) is due at enrollment. Please pay by check made out to St. John's PDO. You will receive an email of your enrollment status and due date for enrollment fees from Jill Gardner. No fee is required to be on our waitlist.

St. John's UMC Parents' Day Out & Preschool

Our program accepts children 12 month thru 5 years. We have 5 classrooms:

Ladybug Room: Young toddler (12 months plus)

8 children/2 teachers

Firefly Room: Older toddlers (18 months plus)

8 children/2 teachers

Roly Poly Room: Young preschool--2's

11 children/2 teachers

Bumblebee Room: Preschool--must be 3 & Potty Trained by Aug. 2020

12 children/2 teachers

Dragonfly Room: Older Preschool--4 year olds

12 children/2 teachers

We operate Monday-Thursday, 9:00am to 2:30pm

All of our classes are offered Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 2:30 pm. In the past we have offered early care from 8-9 am and after care from 2:30-3:30. We will potentially offer the extended care program in the future when Covid-19 restrictions are loosened. You may enroll in 1-4 days based on your need and our availability. Enrollment in our program is based on the school year, mid-August through the end of May. We also offer a 6 week summer program.

Our Curriculum

At St. John’s we believe in the value of play and therefore offer a play-based curriculum that includes lots of indoor and outdoor play, sensory activities, and social/emotional support. This means that there may not be a physical product sent home each day with your child, but we assure you that he/she is learning so much during the time spent at St. John’s. Our preschool classrooms will be arranged by centers and will follow both a play-based curriculum as well as include academic and sensory activities that are age appropriate and will develop skills necessary for Kindergarten and beyond.

Beginning Fall 2019 we implemented the Frogstreet Curriculum to help children reach developmental milestones. Frogstreet has Conscious Discipline built into the classroom learning environment. Conscious Discipline creates a learning environment where children know they are safe and loved. The children will begin to learn how to solve conflicts, manage their emotions, and take responsibility for their actions. Click the link below to be directed to the Frog Street website and learn more about what they offer. http://www.frogstreet.com/curriculum/

2020-21 Fees & Tuition

Tuition for all classrooms for the 2020-21 School Year will be:

$150/month for one day a week

$300/month for two days a week

$450/month for three days a week

$600/month for four days a week


Before Care (8-9 am) $32/month for each day a week enrolled

After Care (2:30-3:30 pm) $32/month for each day a week enrolled

Drop In Extended Care (if available) $12 per session attended

$100 non-refundable Registration Fee

$35 annual supply fee

Open House

If you missed our Open House and have any questions or would like to schedule a private tour, please contact Jill Gardner at jill.gardner@stjohnsumc.org or 816-523-6792.

2020-21 School Year Enrollment

Our 2020-21 School Year will run from Mid-August thru May. We offer online enrollment. Please provide your email address to Jill Gardner at jill.gardner@stjohnsumc.org or 816-523-6792. An online enrollment link will be emailed to you at 8:30 am based on the schedule below.

1/22 Enrollment for Church Members and Current Families

1/27 Enrollment for Past Families (Alumni)

1/29 Enrollment for New Families

CANCELLED--Summer 2020 Enrollment

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have cancelled our 2020 Summer program.

Our 6 week Summer Program will run June 8-July 16. Enrollment takes place in February and will also be processed through an online enrollment link. This link will go live at 8:30 on 2/18 for New Families:


2/10 Summer Enrollment for Church Members & Current Families

2/11 Summer Enrollment for Past Families (Alumni)

2/18 Summer Enrollment for New Families

CANCELLED--2020 Summer Tuition (6 week session)

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have cancelled our 2020 Summer program.

June 8-July 16

$225 for one day/week enrolled

$450 for two days/week enrolled

$675 for three days/week enrolled

$900 for four days/week enrolled

(Prices shown are for the full 6 week session)

Registration fees: $25 per child for current families, $50 for new families (non-refundable)

The Summer Enrollment Fee is $50 non-refundable registration fee per child for new families plus one day/week’s tuition for the 6 week session. The balance of the tuition will be due June 1.

New Families--$275 total enrollment fee/child

*you will be notified via email for the due date for this fee

Before Care $48 per day enrolled each week

After Care $48 per day enrolled each week

Drop In Extended Care (if available) $12 per session attended

***All financial responsibilities must be current for Current & Past Families to enroll for the upcoming year or summer.

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