4B Post Assessment

Colin Weller

My Basketball Team

I am a part of the basketball team at my school. We all like to play basketball, and the coach is really tough. Basketball isn't really anyone's best sport that plays, but we like it so we play. Sometimes a player starts to question if he will play the next year and everybody talks him into it. It's like Asch's Experiment dealing with conformity. Nobody wants to be made fun of or looked down on because they didn't play. In Asch's Experiment, the person didn't want to make the decision that everybody else thought was "wrong". It's the same type of thing when deciding to play basketball or not.

We vote on who will be captains each year. As soon as a person is elected as captain, they act a little bit differently. They feel more in charge and they act like it. From Zimbardo's Experiment, people act differently based on their situation.

My Basketball Team cont.

Our team also behaves in ways that go along with the Milgram Experiment. Since our coach is so tough, we run a lot as punishment and to get in shape. Obedience means that you change your opinions, judgements or actions because a person with authority told you to. When we are running, our instinct is to stop. We have to keep going and ignore our beliefs because our coach has authority over us. We get caught up in this and get mad at our coach for making us run so much. This is a fundamental attribution error. We think that he is making us run for no reason but he does it so we can be more in shape than other teams.

Self serving bias
is one of the worst things o have on a team, but it always happens. If somebody messes up in practice or in a game, they say they are injured or have some other excuse. When we win as a team, a couple players say they are the reason we won. Some people play through injuries mainly because of group think. People get so caught up in trying to help the team win that they play through pain and hurt themselves more. Group polarization isn't as common, but the best example i can think of is when we are learning plays. We sometimes have disagreements on what somebody is supposed to do on a certain play. The person who messed the play up defends his actions strongly because he doesn't want to be wrong.