Space Race

USA vs. USSR in a showdown of the 20th Century

Who Won?

The Soviets were the first to pass the atmospheric borders, But in 1969 Americans put a man on the Moon. The man to first take steps was a brave soul named Neil Armstrong. Armstrong said these legendary words "One small step for man and one giant leap for Mankind." Many saw this as an effort to end the Cold War and to have everyone work together as one to send Men further into the final frontier.

Moon Landing

Sunday, July 20th 1969 at 8:15pm


Yuri Gagarin

First man to go into space.

How did this effect the Cold War?

With the USSR and the USA neck and neck in this competition, the first country to get a rocket up would most likely win. The reason they wanted to get there first was because it made the other countries technology look inferior. With rockets able to go tho the moon accurately, and in good time, everyone thought they could transfer that technology to weapons, or put rockets in space. Everyone was very fearful about who could not only put a man on the moon, bu also who c9uld put weapons in orbit.

First to Space.

The USSR were the first people to Space, and the first man in space was Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Gargin was shot into space where his aircraft (Vostok 1) did a full orbit of Earth. Gagarin made world history, and put fear in he eyes of many Americans. He continued to go back to space for 7 years after his first flight. Many Americans feared the Soviet technology at the time, but the USA was never very far behind.