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Why did you choose this quote?

I choose this quote because after every book you learn something new.

About Me!

1.I usually read on Mondays-Fridays because i need to read for my daily reading log.2. Also I like to read in quiet places so I can concentrate on my book without any distractions. 3.I learned how to read from preschool and still now i learn how to read bigger words.4. I usually read in my room before bed because it helps me fall asleep. 5.Reading helps me calm down. 6. I really like mystery books.7. I am a very slow reader so i can understand words.8.I dont really like reading. 9. I eat when i read books because it makes me feel even calmer.10.When i read i can really picture the characters in the book.

Latest blog entry

1.I am reading The Cay

2.I mostly enjoy mystery and tragedy books.

3.Each night I read about 20min.

4.I would reccomend that book to people who like tragedys.

Frozen "In Summer" Song - Sing-a-long with Olaf - Official | HD


I choose this song because it shows what I feel when I read. It makes me feel happy and relaxed.

Interests and Favorites

Some of my favorite books are The Cay, LIttle Miss Apple Pie, 11 Birthdays, and 12 finally.The Cay is about a boy who goes on a ship with his mom to get away from a war. But the ship gets torpedoed. Him and a man named Timothy whos black are on an island stranded. Also the boy Phillip is blind! Timothy dies and Phillip is still willing to survive.