Artemis Fowl- By Matthew Bodziony Class 602

Artemis Fowl

Hello I am Artemis Fowl. I am a criminal mastermind. I have been trying to steal many things. Also, I am a very smart person. I am smarter than kids three grades above me.

Name: Artemis Fowl

Original Home: Fowl Manor

Born on: 3/20/04

Works as: Criminal


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My Goals in Life

1. Become one of the greatest criminals of all time.

2. Become one of the greatest philosophers of all time.

3. Gain more followers.

4. Steal gold from many fairies.

My Story for the Past 3 Months

I have been trying to steal gold from fairies for a long time. I have went to a city and found a fairy. I ofered wine to have a fairy book for thirty minutes. She agreed. She gave me the book, and I took a picture of every page before reading it. Then I went back to my home, and I could not understand the book because it was in fairy language. I was somehow able to translate it because I used many languages. It said that the fairies always meet in Paris when there is a full moon. There was a full moon that night. So I went to Paris with my servant butler. We saw a fairy trying to get to the meeting, but my servant butler tazed her before she could get there. She was a commander and had many gadgets. Then I used one of the microphones, and said to come after me. We took the commander to Fowl Manor and put her her in a cell. I know I am rich. Soon a fairy retrieval squad came to get their commander, but butler took them out with ease. Then another fairy commander came and we talked. I told him that I want gold, but he said that there is no such thing. The next time the commander hit me with a bang. He came with a troll and the troll dug underground looking for the commander that I locked up. I wonder if he will find her. Wish me luck.

Important People in My Life

How am I so rich?

I am so rich because my mom owns a company. Also, my dad works very hard, but I am never able to see him. I own a mansion because of those things and because of generations of criminals in my family. All my ancestors stole something big. That is why I am trying to steal gold, and show I also can steal something big.

How am I so smart?

I am so smart because I read 2 books per day, and gain knowledge from them. Also, my mom is very smart too, so she is always there to help me when I need her. I have straight A's on my report card every year. I study very hard and read books for fun. I also learn a lot about computers from reading. If you have any questions you can send them to me.

My dad is finally coming to see me

I am so excited because my dad is coming to see me. I am so happy since I have anticipated this for a long time. I knew I was eventually going to see him, but I was not expecting him to come now. Once he comes, I want to spend the whole day with him.
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