The best mineral around

Diamond Mines

  • Diamond mines are found where there have been volcanic activity.
  • Diamond mines can be found in a total of 35 countries in several different countries around the world.
  • These type of mines are always found in areas where there has been volcanic activity or erosion and where natural elements might have taken diamonds, Including: streams, rivers, and even glaciers.
  • Today the methods of diamond mining are safer, however, it was not always this way, In the past, many diamond miners died or had severe injuries in diamond mines because of the highly dangerous working conditions.
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The amazing Journey!

  • In the depths of the mantle...
  • Carbon molecules are compressed by the pressure in the mantle and the heat of magma, which once compressed form diamonds.
  • Diamonds then cool and become a lower temperature than the magma around it.
  • Diamonds travel up volcanic tubes with other volcanic rocks and then after a volcanic eruption diamonds are found in igneous rocks in places that have had volcanic activity.
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Colorless Diamonds

These Diamonds, colorless, are the highly preferred type of diamond. Most buyers tend to stay closer to white diamonds for engagement, wedding, or gift rings because its the patriarch of the diamond family .

Colored Diamonds

All the colored side of the diamond family makes up most of the diamond population. Even though there may be more colored diamonds than colorless ones more people demand the white diamond because they think it looks more like a real diamond. Colored diamonds range in every color of the spectrum including: red, blue, and purple!

Common Myths

Diamonds are compressed coal

Diamonds are carbon that is pressured by the mantle and heated by the magma to compress together and form diamonds

Diamonds are rare

Even though you won't find diamonds when your gardening, the big gem companies withhold a lot of diamonds to keep the price high

Diamonds have long been a symbol of love and marriage

The tradition of the engagement ring being a diamond only started in 1930 by an advertising agency

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