Townsend Times

December 2015

Happy December! It was great seeing so many of you at our recent conferences. I enjoyed sharing your child's progress with you. We are back in the swing of things after our Thanksgiving break and have many exciting things coming up in the next few weeks.

Reading and Writing

In reading, we are currently reading the story, Owl Moon, by Jane Yolen. This fictional story is filled with figurative language and literary devices that we will analyze. We will also work on the skill of summarizing and making predictions. We continue to read many interesting texts in our small reading groups. We have learned about how computer and video games are created as well as the tricks used in the making of movies.

In writing, we finished writing out turkey opinion piece and students will now write their own opinion piece on a self-selected topic. We will guide them through the writing process and type our final drafts. Our next type of writing will be informative. Students will write to inform their classmates about a topic.


We began unit four in math which teaches students strategies for solving multiplication and division problems. We will practice our facts through games and activities in our small center groups. We also continue to use the xtramath program, flashcards, fact "wraps", and many other strategies to learn those facts!
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We continue to work on our motion unit in science. We have experimented with different forces and collisions as well as different types of motion. We will culminate this unit with our motion assessment in a few weeks. Students will use motion sensors to create a graph showing the motion of a ball.
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  • Scholastic Book Orders are due by this Friday, 12/4 so we will have them before the break.
  • School will be closed for winter break from Thursday, 12/24 to Friday, 1/1. School resumes on Monday, 1/4.
  • We will visit the Holiday Boutique on Tuesday, 12/8.
  • Please sign and return all tests and quizzes in the blue assessment folder. Thank you!
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