Southern colonies

Warm and warmer

Southern Life In a Nutshell

Howdy Y'all, I'm Josie and I'm Ayla. When you think southern the first things that comes to mind is barbecue. But were going to show y'all what life used to be like in colonial times. We'll show you everything from transportation to were they live and what they sold.

Climate and Jobs

The Southern Colonies were the warmest of them all. With Hot summers and mild winters there's no better place to be. You can count on not loosing live stock to the weather. Speaking of which, there were many farmers down south. Other jobs include fur trading and lumberjacks.


The colonies were...

. Maryland

. Virginia

. Georgia

.North/South Carolina

Cash Crops

Cash crops were...





.Live stock



.Indigo dye

Land & home sweet home

In the south everyone had a lot of land. Most of it was used for farming, but some was used for houses. These houses have features like a fire place in every room. The land rocky soil, hills, plains, forests, rivers, and swamps.

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