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Summer News August 27, 2021

St. Joseph Regional Jr. High School

St. Joseph Regional Jr. High School is a Catholic, co-educational, inclusive learning community in which students learn and grow in respect for God, themselves, and others, engage in academically rigorous curricula and a wide-range of meaningful service and enrichment experiences.
Diocese of Manchester 2021-2022 COVID Safety Plan

Please take time to read our Diocesan COVID Safety Plan. This plan was updated by Superintendent Thibault and a leadership team for the new school year. Our individual school plans will be updated and posted on the website by the end of the week.

Back-to-School BBQ

We are delighted to invite all STJ Bears and families to a Back-to-School BBQ this Friday, September 3rd. This is a social gathering intended to build community.

This chance for students to meet one another, meet teachers, and for families to gather and connect.

  • Homerooms will be announced on the morning of each arrival for seventh and eighth-graders. They will not be announced at the BBQ.
  • Students should bring supplies on the first day of school. They should not be brought to the BBQ.
  • Students will have the opportunity to set up their lockers on the first day of school. They will not be doing this at the BBQ.
  • All paperwork will be collected on the first day of school, not at the BBQ.
  • Teachers would be happy to converse with you about your child's academic, spiritual, and social development privately, not at the BBQ.
  • If you have not completed all financial documents and payment plans for the 2021-2022 school year, Mrs. Garand is happy to meet with you privately at a scheduled time before Friday, not at the BBQ.

We are looking forward to enjoying the afternoon with our new students and all of you! Please feel free to tour the school (third floor), catch up on the summer adventures, make new friends, make connections with other parents, and learn about our new teachers. Looks like beautiful weather coming our way!

Thank you to Celebrations Catering for donating food for our BBQ!

Bussing Updates/Pick-Up and Drop-off Updates

Morning bussing will be available on September 7th for grade 7 and on September 8th for 8th grade BUT NOT for 11:30am dismissal. ALL families will need to pick up their STJ Bears on those two days.

Two-way bussing will begin morning and afternoon routes on September 9th.

We have been notified that STJ and CLA students are on the same busses along with Founders Academy students. We have no agency over this decision and this year instead of seven separate busses we will have four. These buses are scheduled through the Manchester Transportation Department and in-kind, meaning they do not charge us for daily pick-up and drop-off.

Parent Drop-off and Pick-Up

STJ students should be dropped off in front of the school on the right side of Somerville Street. It's a quick drop-off and you'll pull all the way up to the telephone pole. Kids should be ready to depart the vehicle and there should be no stopping to unpack trunks. Cars cannot back up at the intersections, so cars need to move in and out smoothly.

STJ students should be picked up farther down Belmont Street past the intersection with Somerville. You may park in the residential area and we will walk students across the street.

Any STJ students with CLA siblings will be sent to the back of the school to depart with their younger sibling.

There will be NO PARKING IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL OR IN FRONT OF CARDINAL LACROIX ACADEMY AT DISMISSAL. Due to the Belmont Street partial closure and bussing, I ask that you refrain from using that direction at all.

I appreciate your support in abiding by these directions. It will make drop-off and pick-up much smoother. : )

St. Joseph Regional Jr. High Partners With Nature's Classroom

After several years of planning, I have arranged for our 7th-grade students to engage in valuable scientific inquiry that will promote worldliness, creative problem-solving, curiosity, and collaboration by attending the two-night, three-day experience at Nature's Classroom in Groton, MA. What a perfect way to glorify God's artistic and mathematically perfect design in nature. Visit the Nature's Classroom website and Facebook page to learn more about the curriculum, the accommodations, the Groton, MA location! Please join us at the Parent Video Meeting on Tuesday, September 8th to learn more about this upcoming enrichment trip now part of the St. Joe's journey! Keep an eye on fundraising opportunities we'll be holding to help offset costs for this amazing opportunity!

If you decide to opt out of Nature's Classroom, you need to keep your child home for the duration of the trip. It may be determined that students will work on an alternative independent (at-home) project but will not be holding classes for seventh-grade students. Please visit the Nature's Classroom website (linked above) to view parent resources and their COVID safety plan. September 20th-23 are reserved for the STJ Bears in the woods!

Social Media - Please follow us!

We will continue to post photos, videos, updates on our social media pages. We host a St. Joseph Regional Jr. High School Parents' Facebook Group that we encourage you to follow, link here.

In the next year, please watch for our new Instagram account and live versions of our schoolday exclusively on these private pages. Please note that you must request access to the page and we will not grant access to anyone to does not answer all of the security questions regarding enrollment and permissions.

Our St. Joseph Regional Jr. High school Website Is Getting a Makeover!

Have a question about scholarships? - check our website!

Have a question about bussing? - check our website!

Have a question about school supplies? - check our website!

Need the school calendar? - check our website!

Want to report your child absent or tardy? check our website!

Looking for our daily schedule? Right there, on our website!

Tuition rates, curious? On our website!

Ready to purchase uniforms? Yup, that's there, too.

Our goal is to make sure you can get MOST of what you need immediately right from our website to maximize our efficiency! If there's something you think could be helpful, please share your thoughts. Please bookmark the site on your search engine and refer to it often, as we will be posting newsletters, enrollment forms, you name it!

St. Joseph Regional Jr. High School Website

Please visit for all of the information you need before school begins!

New School Choice Scholarships!

Good Evening, Families,

Many of you have received notice that your children have qualified and been approved for the new Yes! Scholarship per Governor Sununu. If you have emailed Mrs.Garand at, to inform her that you've received the funds, please make note that she works for Cardinal Lacroix Academy and St. Joseph Regional Jr. High part-time and St. Francis part-time. We appreciate all of your patience, as she did not replace Mr. Lemarier full-time. I think we can all agree that she has been AMAZING in communicating with families about all of the financial aid and business operations. I am extremely grateful for her support for you and for us. She will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours of receiving your email. If you have not applied to this and the Education Freedom Scholarship, please do see if you qualify. We only consider financial aid from the school AFTER you have applied for the additional scholarships and they can absolutely be combined to cover tuition.

Staffing Announcements!

I would like to cordially welcome Miss Kylie DeVarney to our teaching team. Miss DeVarney will be teaching seventh-grade world history/geography and Decisions classes. Miss DeVarney is a 2019 graduate of Salem State University who holds a degree in history education. She is not only from a family of educators, but she is also intrigued and curious about history and a musician and thespian! We have several teachers ready to share their passion for performance with our students this year.

Ms. Lombard and Miss Donovan will also be teaching Decisions classes. It became clear last year during the study skills classes, that students needed coaching in owning the decisions they make that contribute to or compromise their success in spirituality, social settings, and academic pursuits. The idea of the Decisions class is to instruct students to make wise decisions aligned with our faith, their observations, their knowledge, and their aspirations.

Lunch Menus

September lunch orders have been placed. Please make sure you visit our website for the lunch menu and record the hot lunch days!

District Code: SJR-NH

Fall Sports

With the opening of the school being pushed back a week, sport sign-ups will be for 7th graders on September 7 and the 8th graders on September 8th. All sports will begin on Thursday, September 9.

Reminder: All athletes must have a current physical to play on any St. Joe's team. If they do not have a current physical on record, they must have a documented scheduled appointment before they can participate in a meet or game. Please continue to check emails from Mrs. Martineau about athletics. Please refer to our handbook policy regarding academic standing and athletic involvement. Students must have a B or better in classes and nothing less than a 3 in conduct and effort. This is nonnegotiable. They will sit out games and practices to make up work if they are missing assignments. The STJ Bears must prioritize.

All $150 pay-to-play checks are due to Mrs. Martineau by September 10th. Please put the check in an envelope with ATHLETICS PAY-TO-PLAY on the front and write the name of your student player on the memo line.

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Important Dates Coming Up:

  • September 3rd - Back-to-School Open House 12pm-2pm (in-person)
  • September 7th - First full day of school for 7th grade ONLY, Dismissal at 11:30 - NO ASP OR BUSSES
  • September 8th - First full day of school for 8th grade ONLY, Dismissal at 11:30 - NO ASP or BUSSES
  • September 9th - Fall sports begin
  • September 10th - Pay-to-Play due
  • September 13th - Picture Day
2021-2022 School Calendar

Please reference this calendar at any time during the school year.