Killing Pablo

by Mark Bowden


Killing Pablo is about a notorious cartel leader Pablo Escobar that terrorized Colombia. He was a wealthy man that was very influential in the Colombian government until they cracked down of the drug trade. This made Pablo fall from his power and the struggle to catch him to stop the drug trafficking and senseless killings that his men do.

Author's purpose

  • power currupts
  • America doesn't always do what they say
  • Fear is a powerful weapon towards the weak
  • People can be cruel


  • revenge solves nothing
  • power is easy to take away
  • people aren't as honest as they say

Important Chapter

bookstore bomb kills and maims family at back to school shoppping while an american agaent was there.

My rating


  • lags on a bit
  • lots of facts
  • pretty good interviews
PBS Frontline - Godfather of Cocaine - Pablo Escobar - Part 1/4


"the day often.." (144, Killing Pablo)

"His friends..." (213, Killing Pablo)

Big issue

The big issue in this book is revenge and power struggles.