Robinson Crusoe

Written By Daniel Defoe

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Did you like Harry Potter? Then this is not for you! Do you enjoy the classics like Treasure Island, Gulliver's Travels or even The Jungle Book? Do you like Action, Exploration and Adventure? Well Robinson Crusoe would be a great book for you! Written by Daniel Defoe, the book is filled with actions and adventures from exploring unknown worlds to survival and travelling many nautical leagues. To fighting off beasts and savages, like cannibals. Unlike other books, Robinson Crusoe presents a realistic scenerio of getting stranded alone on an uncharted island, (unlike Harry Potter and Percy Jackson). This multi-genre novel is the perfect novel for the readers like you!


Crusoe's story starts about his family. An englishman, he travels and sails through the seas as a merchant and mariner. On one travel to sea he is caught by Moor pirates and is taken as a slave. After escaping he goes to Brazil as a plantation farmer and later sets sail once again. Unfortunately during this travel to England Crusoe meets another obstacle that he must be able to pass.

Crusoe, after hit by a storm becomes the sole survivor of the shipwreck. Left a shore a mysterious uncharted island he is left to die. But he chooses not to do so. Instead he begins to live on the island. Crusoe takes provisions from the ship and must build a habitat on the island. We read to see the many adventures that Crusoe has on his stay of the island and how he will be able to suvive in the wilderness alone and seeking for a way to contact the civilized world.


As a reader, I thought the book was quite interesting, unique and creative. The interesting plot of getting stranded on an unknown island. Also considering the fact that this is a book published in 1715, and I enjoy the classics like Jules Verne's 20,000 leagues under the sea, it was able to enjoy the action, adventure and many other genres in the interesting novel.


I recommend this interesting book to readers who enjoy action, adventure and survival, readers Hatchet or Tom's Sawyer may enjoy this book as it is filled with adventure and action and survival all in a well-known classic novel. This is just exactly why I would recommend this book to adventure/action/survival book readers.