Raccoon Review

A Weekly Communication Tool for Rice Elementary Staff

Campus Goals

  1. Ensuring ALL students are in attendance.
  2. Cultivating a climate that welcomes students and parents.
  3. Creating opportunities for students to use and increase critical thinking and decision-making skills.
  4. Moving from Parent Involvement to Parent Engagement.

Staff Shout Outs

TELPAS is a lot and you guys are rockin it!!!! From calibration to collecting and rating samples, you guys are on top of your game!!!

Week at a Glance: February 25th-Mar 1st

Monday-Black Day

Kinder PLC

RTI Decision Point Meetings (See schedule emailed)

Tuesday-Red Day

3rd/4th ELA PLC

3rd & 4th Math Leadership Meeting

Amber here for support

Wednesday-White Day

3rd/4th Math PLC

3rd Writing BM (in ELA block)

Thursday-Black Day

1st/2nd Grade Math PLC

7:30-Life Skills Gift of Time

National Crossing Guard Appreciation Day!!!

PK Planning Day

Update Reading Levels in BAS Sheet

Friday-Red Day

K/1st/2nd Grade Kinder PLC

Natalie Davis' Baby Shower in the lounge

Math Review Quiz

2nd Grade ELA Planning

TELPAS Sample due: Science & Teacher's Choice

Staff Updates

Plans for next year

Please use the link below to complete the plans for next year form. I ask that ALL staff complete this form by March 1st.


Water Machine in the Lounge

In considering student safety, please do not send students to the lounge to prepare hot drinks or to get hot water. Students run the risk of burning themselves from improper handling and this is a risk we can't take. Many students have been burned already this year.

CISD Bond Elections Employee and Student Information

Please see the attachment below to get the cans and can't of an employee during this bond election.

Positive Teams Connect and Communicate

This week we read a chapter in Jon Gordon's book, Power of a Positive Team.

Here are some of my take aways....

Positivity is the glue in the process of building a powerful team...You need to communicate, connect, commit, and care to create meaningful relationships, strong bonds, and team unity.

When there is a void in communication, we assume the worst and act accordingly. Negativity fills the void. we focus on our to-do list and how to survive rather than on our team and ways to thrive.

Regular meetings are important to fill the void through communication.

If you love your team, you won't give up on them. If you are committed to each other, you will fight for each other and not with each other.

You may not have the most talented people on your team, but if you are a connected team, you will outperform many of the talented teams that lack a close bond.

Staff Birthdays

Irma Seal-2/27