All About Me

by Sarah Spencer

My name is Sarah and I like to cheer. I have been cheering since I was 7, when I started out in competitive cheer. Last year, I quit competitive cheer at Senior Level 4 at the GAGE Center in Blue Springs. I have 7 siblings and 4 parents and 3 dogs and 2 cats. When I grow up I want to be in marketing/advertising, or a human resource manager. Over winter break I went shopping a lot and I hung out with my friends Erika, Morgan, Alyssa, and Makiya. I spent Christmas Eve with my family and we watched Christmas Vacation. At my house, we all opened one gift that night, I got a new curling iron. I spent Christmas Day opening presents first, then we went over to my grandma's house, saw the rest of my family, and lastly opened gifts and ate lunch. My favorite Christmas gift I got was from my Dad, it was a new UCA backpack (UCA is the United Cheer Association). On New Year's Eve I went out to Ra Sushi with my family, then went to my friend Erika's house. I didn't go on any vacations, but for Thanksgiving break I went to Maryville to see my stepmom's parents. Though, my dad and my grandpa went to the Liberty Bowl last weekend, and they had first row tickets, I was pretty jealous.

My friends Alyssa, Erika, and I at the movie theater