November Highlights

What's happening in kindergarten!

Reading Workshop

We will be working on developing good reading habits. We will strive for focus while reading and carrying on as best as we can, helping ourselves to avoid interrupting others; being a problem solver! We will be learning to read for meaning though we may not be able to read all of the words.

Writing Workshop

We will be working on getting ideas for stories and practicing storytelling. We will also continue to add more detail to our writing and pictures. We will practice stretching out our words and hearing even more sounds that will help us with our story and book writing.


In math we will be moving on to two and three dimensional shapes. We will be able to identify shapes and then match and sort them in concrete and pictorial form. We will be observing and describing different shapes that make up the faces of a solid.

Word Study

In word study we will continue to work on sentence structure and begin to closely look at punctuation. We will build and “tap out” words and make new words by changing beginning and ending sounds.

Social Studies

We will extend our study of community by looking at families and our neighborhoods. We will notice how many different kinds of families make up our communities.

November Fun

  • Wednesday "Lunch with your Child" begins November 6th. Feel free to come and join us any Wednesday 11:30 to 12:00.
  • Scheduled "Show and Share" begins the week of November 4th.
  • We will be working on our nonfiction project about bats. This will be highlighted by our trip to the zoo on November 19th.
  • Kindergarten will also celebrate Thanksgiving by having a feast with our Pre-K friends.
  • Be on the lookout for a fun project focusing on families!

Dates to remember:

November 19th – Zoo Trip

November 21st - Thanksgiving Feast

November 25th thru 29th – School Closed…HAPPY THANKSGIVING!