By:Erza Scarlet ((regan kaluza))

Mount Kiimanjaro

Mount kilimanjaro located in northeast Tanzaniaia is the highest mountain in Africa. An extinct volcano, mount kilimanjaro rises in two peaks. Coffee and plantains are raised in on kilimanjaro's lower southern slopes. On mount kilimanjaro you can hike
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Sahara Desert

the sahara desert is the world largest desert compositing 3,500,000.

In the sahara desert you can sand surf.

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great rift valley

the great rift valley is a geological fault system that expands from mozambique to northern syria. the valley ranges in elevation from 1,300 feet below sea level at the dead sea. you can arrange to go play golf.
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red sea

the red sea is a long narrow sea that sits between africa and the arabian peninsula. because it is sourrounded by its ecsessivily hot and dry deserts.

At the red sea, you can go fishing.

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