Cougar Connection

Issue 3 Volume 2

Week of September 8th

Thanks you faculty and staff for a fabulous week! We had a great turn out for our Meet the Teacher Night! Parents expressed their thanks for having one during this time as they were not able to attend earlier. This came from our new and returning parents. Our nurse, counselor and tag stations did a fabulous job! I saw a lot of different hand outs from different grade levels. Thank you for your commitment to excellence. This week we will send our 1st progress reports. Remember the parent connection is a vital component of student success. Continue Navigating Towards Excellence!


Week of September 8th

  • Tuesday- ARD's- 8:00; 9:00;10:00;12:30;3:30
ECP's- 10:00; 12:15- 4th grade and 2nd grade

3rd grade Field Trip

  • Wednesday- ECP's- 9:00,1;15- 3rd grade and 1st grade
Bernal- Schoolnet Training

Wednesday Folders & Progress Reports
NTST- 3:30 (New Teacher Support Team Meeting)

  • Thursday- ECP- 9:00- 5th grade
Staff Meeting- 3:20

  • Friday- Bernal- Division 5 Meeting; Thornton/Wilson- Training; Carter-Training

******* Please keep updated on upcoming events/trainings/ etc. by looking on our Moseley Outlook Calendar*******

Our 1st Data Talks

This week we embark on our 1st discussion on our students. We will be sitting together and reviewing their historic data. Please ensure you are prepared for our discussion. Remember our goal for this meeting is the start of getting to know your students like the back of your hand. We will also talk about possible next steps.

Items to bring:

  • Profile Sheet with student data (a sample was shared with grade level chairs thru the One Drive)
  • Your black journal
  • My data portal sheets are not needed but you may consider brining technology to be able to look up info on students if needed
Please note:

3rd-5th grades- 1st half will be bilingual sections and 2nd half will be gen. ed section.

Kinder-2nd We will meet together as a grade level in the conference room.

To maximize our time please be prompt.

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