Dethroning to Gain



The overthrow of Hawaii on January 17, 1893 could have been prevented but with Minister John L. Stevens, President Grover Cleveland, and President William Mckinley, it became possible. As a result Hawaii was dethroned and there no longer was a monarchy.

Historical Significance

The presidents had enough power to prevent the overthrow but they didn't. Instead they just let everything happen even though they might have known that the hawaiians did not like the idea. This topic is important because it lets us know how Hawaii became a state of the United States. It explains why people in or Hawaii or the hawaiians don't celebrate the day Hawaii became a state. The hawaiians really did not want to be annexed, they did not like the idea of being a part of the United States. I want the readers to know that America can be very demanding, that if they want something they will do everything in there power to get that territory they want. Even if it means bombarding the queen with troops and threatening the queen or killing people. The americans will do anything to become powerful.

Is Hawaii legally and lawfully a state of the Union?

I do not think Hawaii is legally and lawfully a state of the union. The hawaiians were forced to become part of the United States. I feel that being forced into something you don't like or want is not morally right. The americans just basically took over Hawaii, so the hawaiians did not have a chance to protest against becoming a state of the United States. Even when they protested and petitioned to not be annexed by the United States, the hawaiians never won that battle anyway. I think the hawaiians still aren't happy about becoming part of the United States. You don't force people to do you what you want. I do not think Hawaii is legally and lawfully a state of the union.

Supplemental Information

The photo seen below is in Hawaii, at the Iolani Palace. The american troop is lowering the Hawaiian flag signifying the action of the annexation on Hawaii on August 12 1898. The troop lowers the hawaiian flag to raise the american flag.
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