POHW Before poster

by Tyler Strickland

1 Hollis outlook on life

In the beginning Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes. In the end she is happy to be a part of the Regan family.

"This is a picture of a family Hollis . A mother M a father F a brother B a sister S." pg 1

2 Hollis does not trusted people

Hollis does not trust people because her parents abandoned her.

"No blanket on a corner somewhere didn't a baby deserve a blanket and just the scrap of paper". pg 48

3 Hollis finding out Steven is at the summer house.

Hollis slowly putting together the pieces that Steven is also at there at the summer house. "Found Stevens sweeter on the knob". pg 127

4 Being a mean person

Hollis is mean and tough and does not get along with others.

"how was school burned down what did you have for lunch horse meat". Pg72

5 Hollis relationship with Josie.

In the beginning Hollis goes to Josie house and thinks she is a total stranger.

"She had a knife in one hand. she held it in front of her so it caught the glint of late afternoon sunshine and became a silvery light itself". pg 7

6 Old Man and Steven

Hollis thinks that she is getting in the way of Steven and the Old Man and making them argue. "The Old Man came out the door. I just saw the mess you left in the shed. Straighten this place up. Its bad enough your room looks the way it does". pg 60

7 Hollis and the Mustard Woman

In the beginning Hollis does not like the mustered woman. The mustered woman makes sure she goes to school.

"How was school". pg 72