Ghengis Khan

By: Ive Miller

Genghis Khan for President

Ghenghis Khan has made many major accomplishments

  • United Nomadic Tribes - They helped to make a great army and helped make armour
  • Genghis´ Reforms - Genghis harnesses the military to build an empire
  • Invaid of China - Invaided China the region west of the Great Wall

Characteristics of Genghis Khan

  • Kind - Took people in and got them to follow him
  • Powerful - Invaided,and took over, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the rest of China

More About Genghis Khan

Ghenghis Khan was born on May 31, 1162 in Deluun, Boldog. His government style was an Empire (Monarchy). He was first known as Temujin, and his life was very violent as a young boy. His father was poised when he was 10, the Nomadic Tribes were constantly fighting, and his tribe left him, his mother, and six siblings behind to avoid feeding them.