Tech Tools to Kick Off the Year

Impress Your Students and Parents!

QR Codes for Orientation

Check out the video below to learn how to make QR codes to share at orientation. The website used in the video to create the codes is I love QR codes because they help students and parents access information or links super quickly and super easily!! Give it a try and you'll be sure to impress those parents!

Parent Information-Orientation

Want a new way to collect parent/student information instead of trying to read the forms they fill out during orientation? Well, a Google form might be the way to go! You can create a Google form that parents can fill out as the enter or before they leave orientation. The form will automatically create a spreadsheet with all of your parents' information in one place! Check out the tutorial below on how to create a Google form. Be sure to uncheck the"Require login to view this form." This allows parents to have access to the form.

P.S. You can give parents the link, have it pulled up on your computers at the back of your room, or you can create a QR code to the link and they can complete it on their own devices.
Google Drive tutorial: Creating a form and adding questions |

School Web Page Tutorial

Check out the video below for a refresher on how to access and edit your school web page. It is essential for EVERY teacher to have a school web page available to parents and students. Here is a link to a great article about what you might want to include. Think about how you can use your web page to make your life easier rather than just using it as a static site that only gets viewed in August. :)

Making a Parent/Student E-mail Group

Would like to be able to easily e-mail all of the parents or students in your class? Check out this tutorial!
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Remind is an awesome tool that allows you to communicate with parents. You can now have one-to-one chats. It's easy and FREE! Check out the video below and visit their site to learn more!
Using Remind to Build a Classroom Family