Anchor Weekly

A newsletter for Alta Vista Staff~Week of April 9, 2018

Don't Forget! Next Week's Calendar

  • No pull-out interventions for grades 2-5 all week
  • STAAR Writing (4th) & Math (5th) on Tuesday, April 10
  • STAAR Reading (5th) on Wednesday, April 11
  • No Faculty Meeting
  • No PLCs
  • 5th Grade Science Review Day with Region 12 on Friday, April 13
  • Grades Due Friday, April 13

Coming Up: Family Arts Festival (Gr 1-2 Performances) on Thursday, April 19 at 5:30-7:00 pm

Interventions & Tutoring

We will not have after-school tutoring due to STAAR. We will not do pull-out interventions, but we expect in-class interventions to continue; we encourage use to utilize your technology to support students that are not normally in your classroom for interventions. You will do another week of math interventions.

RtI updates are coming up on April 16 so make sure you have completed your goals and progress monitoring for the 5th six weeks.

STAAR Testing Information

We will be doing STAAR testing on Tuesday and Wednesday in the library, computer lab, 4th/5th grade hallway, and portable building. Make-up testing will occur on Thursday in the portables. Please do not use the Alta Vista school playground while testing is going on (you can still use the city playground).

Please be flexible as we utilize much of our staff, including aides and the behavior team, to ensure smooth testing dates. The behavior team may be running a light crew and will be working out of the room in the cafeteria; do not send students to the library.

REVISED Schedule for Monday

3rd Grade Specials at 10:15-11:05

5th Grade Specials at 1:20-2:10

Regular lunch schedule but plan on 4th and 5th grade coming in as they finish testing (maybe late)

REVISED Schedule for Tuesday

3rd Grade Specials at 10:15-11:05

5th Grade Specials at 1:20-2:10

4th & 5th Grade need to SWITCH LUNCH TIMES (4th grade will go at 12:00-12:30; 5th grade will go as they finish STAAR testing-around 12:30)

STAAR Resources:

New Teacher STAAR Training:

From Your Captain

TTESS Time! Your TTESS Appraiser will be emailing you to schedule the conference. Here is what you need to be working on before then:

  1. Upload and document evidence towards the completion of your 2 goals in Eduphoria Strive
  2. Complete "Part II: Goal Reflection" AND "Professional Development Plan" in the "Goal Setting & Professional Development" form in Eduphoria Strive
  3. Gather evidence to support your performance in Domain 4 of TTESS (Professional Demeanor & Ethics; Goal Setting; Professional Development; School Community Involvement) **See example that Ms. Mattoon put together for a good idea of what we are looking for.
  4. Print out your student achievement data to discuss (District scores, Rigby, Istation, Education Galaxy, Smarty Ants/Achieve3000, or other documentation)
  5. Schedule time for your End of Year Conference (Logan/Helton will email you)

Steps 1-4 are to be completed by Sunday, April 22. End of Year Conferences will begin immediately on April 23. Once the End of Year Conference is complete, your TTESS Appraiser will release your Summative Annual Appraisal on Eduphoria for you to sign (on paper and electronically).

**Please review the forms below as you prepare for your End of Year Conference.

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Conscious Discipline

Weekly Commitment: I will be ready to learn by doing my best, even when the work is hard.

Dress Code

For Easter, my 4-year old, Joshua, got new play clothes from his grandparents (knit shorts, t-shirts). As I was cleaning out his closet for his warm weather clothes, I realized many of Joshua's clothes were holey, too small, or had epic food stains on them. This close to summer, I'm not going to go buy Joshua new school clothes because I know he will outgrow them or destroy them before he starts school in August. My two choices are now: A-Send him in his new play clothes or B-send him in his stained and worn out clothes. I'm going for option A because I want him to look clean, even if he has to wear play clothes.

If I'm feeling this way right now, I know alot of our Alta Vista families must be having similar thoughts. Do I send my kids in their grungy, outgrown school clothes or do I send them in new clothes that maybe aren't in line with dress code?

So, as we wrap up the school year, please have some grace with our students that aren't in dress code. The nurse is out of spare clothes for them to change into, and honestly, I don't expect parents to go out and buy new clothes this close to summer. You can remind someone discreetly that their shirt/pants are not in dress code, but unless the outfit is causing a disruption in the classroom, let's leave it at that.

Thank you!

Lindsey Helton

April Makerspace

Because March was a short month, we will continue the March Makerspace cart for April. It is a great challenge to reinforce shapes, perimeter, and area!

Email Mrs. Helton if you would like to check out the Makerspace Cart this month! If you have already done the March cart, feel free to email Mrs. Helton to discuss a different challenge for April for your class.

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Family Art Festival

We are excited to announce our Family Arts Festival on Thursday, April 19 from 5:30-7:00 pm. This will be a showcase of students' work in specials, with a focus on grades 1-2.

Specials teachers and 1st and 2nd grade teachers will be sponsoring different arts activities throughout the evening, and we will even have a "Sandwich Art" snack station and cookie decorating. :)

While the focus of this event is grades 1-2, all students are encouraged to attend to show off their art work and engage in the different art activities that we will have around the school.

Here are the tentative plans:

Makerspace Trash

NO MORE CARDBOARD BOXES PLEASE! Put them in the dumpster.

Mrs. Helton is now collecting recycled items like bottle caps, plastic yogurt containers, cardboard food boxes, and other items that students could use to create projects in Makerspace. Mrs. Helton will have a white basket in her office to collect your items (PLEASE make sure they are clean so we don't attract bugs).