Tory Burch


About Tory Burch

Hi my name is Tory Burch and I'm a successful entrepenur. I have the desire to create and to be an effective leader. As much of a leader as I am, my mentors and inspirations helped me through it. My competitiveness is also a huge trait of mine, to keep up and beat the competition. One of my biggest traits of being an entrepenur is perseverance. This is because when I was starting my business with not so much experience, the process did get very difficult at times. But I was sticking to growing the business, and to making my ideas huge success.


I say, "There's no such thing as an overnight success". For me though, that's pretty much how I started. Pretty much overnight, my company became a global lifestyle brand, more quickly than anyone in the last decade. With the help of my inspirations such as Robert Isen the Google billionaire, Eric Schmidt and my dad who also had a huge impact. I believe I'm successful because I love what I do and care for others.
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