Children, Transitions and Parenting

With a plan, we can do this better!

Presented by Women On Their Way!

Join Us October 2, 2014, to learn about how to make your lives as working parents positive, and harmony in your home more attainable. Planning for transitions and creating a greater understanding of our children's experiences, affords everyone in the family a greater sense of purpose, respect and dignity.

Positive Discipline Session with Alison Bower, October 2

  • Learn useful parenting techniques that are applicable immediately in your home and that suit your family's core values
  • Learn how you can begin using more effective communication now and for the long-term relationships you have with your children
  • FInd out more about how to continue your professional development for this very important job

Alison Bower and Alison Bower is an experienced teacher, administrator, curriculum designer and certified parent educator. Through her professional experience working with families, businesses and schools, Alison has seen that children feel better, respect is built, and relationships are strengthened when parents have proper support and good information. Organizations for which Alison either teaches ongoing classes or gives presentations include Starbucks Headquarters, The Gates Foundation, Expedia, The Washington Federation of Independent Schools, Villa Academy, The Giddens School, John Stanford International School, MOPS and more. Come and see what it can feel like to have the tools you need to parent well and build community in the process!