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The main language is Italian but in each city it sounds differently and they have different accents. For young people, the second language is English but for older people their second language is French.


The majority of Italians are Roman Catholic even though they don't attend church regularly. But to show that they worship Roman Catholic, they still do things like baptize and confirm their kids and have church weddings.

The picture below shows the Florence Cathedral, one of the main churches in Italy.


Most of their ethnicity are Italians, but they do have a couple of Austrians, French, and Slovenes. They lost a lot of citizens but gained a variety of immigrants.

Customs & Traditions

Men and women greet each other by shaking hands and close friends hug and kiss on the cheek. Italian's are very friendly, they love hanging out and visiting their close friends or family members.

Italian's traditions are basically festivals, holidays, and its historical events. For example, a big festival that is always celebrated is the Carnevale di Venezia. It lasts two weeks filled with parties, parades, music performances and masquerade balls.

Economic Activities

Industry was all in the North of Italy and agriculture in the South. Italy is one of the largest wine producers in the world. Tourism brings money to Italy as well.

Art & Music

Art was big because some the greatest art creators were from Italy such as Raphael, da Vinci, and Michelangelo. Orafo , gold-jewelry making, is also famous art in Italy.

Italians invented opera, the piano, and musical notes. Opera is very popular because you can find opera houses in very town and musical festivals are often held as well.

The painting below is a da Vinci painting called "The Last Supper".

Political Systems

Italy has been an Italian Republic since June 2, 1946. Their current president is Giorgio Napolitano, who has been president since 2006.