Paws to Read

Nathan P.

About Me

I like to read books with a lot of adventure, mystery, and comedy. 10 things about me as a reader are

-I'm not that good at finding new books that i enjoy

-Rick Riordan used to be my favorite author

-I only like poems if they rhyme so Robert Frost is my favorite poet.

-When I listen to audio books, if I like the book I will want to read the book

-When i make book reports, I do better if the book is nonfiction

-Most books I don't like at first, then I start to get into it and then i start to read the sequel

-books that combine adventure with comedy are some of my favorites

-I think that most books are better than the movies

-I think that "the hobbit" movie was a lot better than the book though

-i can't read in the car for to long because i start to get really car sick

When I was younger I would only read nonfiction books about animals, now I cant stand them. I enjoy Fictions more now.

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I chose this quote because it is very clever and does a very good job at describing what reading is like.

What I am reading now

I am currently reading book 7 out of 12 in the rangers apprentice series. The main character must survive the desert as he tries to find both his horse, and a friend named Erak. He is accompanied by his mentor another ranger, his warrior friend and the crown princess, who has been sent to negotiate the terms of Eraks release.

My Interests and Favorites

I like books by Rick Riordan like the "Percy Jackson" series and the "Heroes of Olympus" series and the book he is currently working on, "Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard".

I also like John Flanagan who wrote the "Rangers Apprentice" series.

I also enjoy the "Michael Vey" series written by Richard Paul Evans.

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