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Celebrating Autism Awareness

April 1, 2018, K Tarver celebrates Autism Awareness month. It was our 3rd Annual Kick-off, students and staff learned important facts about Autism and treating everyone with kindness. Mr. Raul Montiel and Mrs. Resendez our Special Education teachers spoke about the challenges with Autism and how we can we help them. One of our autism students read a touching poem stating why even though they are different, they should still be treated equally. We got to dance with children enjoying a wonderful morning. During the presentation, the students were presented one by one with a list of their likes and hobbies so their peers could get to know the students. The students were given different colored balloons, and when they all released the balloons it looked beautiful in the sky. We continued celebrating through the rest of the week. During the week we had special attire to promote Autism awareness. On Monday we were blue,Tuesday was ''Dress like a superhero.'' Wednesday was wacky socks day,Thursday was Florescent colors.And finally on Friday we wore cowboy attire. The school students were given a puzzle piece to decorate, and when they were done the pieces were put together to create a mural.the mural represented that even though we all different we all fit together.
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Trail Blazers Visit Texas State Aquirium

On April 30th, we visited the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi.The trip was an exciting and educating experience for the students.At the aquarium the students were given a presentation, and at the presentation the students learned about dolphins, fish, and turtles. For lunch, the students ate outside with pelicans. While eating, they threw there extra bread to the pelicans, it was a fascinating show for the kids.But the fun doesn't stop there, they also got to touch the stingrays! The stingrays really got there attention. The sharks were also one of the most exciting views they saw. But, the students didn't just have fun, they also learned a lot. One thing we learned was that the workers cleaned their tanks three times a day. We also learned that the dolphins' fins are called "Fluke" and "Pectoral Fins." The field trip was an experience we will never forget!
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STAAR Rally "Motivating Our Students"

We had special presentation to motivate students from 3rd-5th grade to pass their STAAR Test. Our theme for this year was "Rock The STAAR." We started with the counselor, Ms. Terry Reyes singing "We Will Rock You." She gave use important tips such as going to sleep early, having a good breakfast, and doing all our strategies which our teachers had taught us. Ms. Sara Montemayor, K. Tarver's principal did a speech on motivating us to do our best. All the students enjoyed the encouraging words inspiring to try their hardest. They called up some students to play the guitar. We felt the excitement and were pumped up to pass the test. At the end, we took a photo by grade level. They called on whoever was brave enough to dance. We got a goodie bag if you dance. The STAAR sure seemed to "Rock It!"

GT Showcase

K.Tarver has 36 GT students. Every year the students have to create a project. They have a different themes each year. This year's theme was ''Famous Landmarks." Some examples are Machu Picchu, Golden Gate Bridge, and The Great Wall of China. Students researched about their project. They were assigned to make a trifold and model of their landmark. This helped them and others to visualize what it looked like. Students randomly choose their name from a bowl and got the landmark the were to do research on. Some students used technology such as QR codes and Smores newsletters to present their project. Included in this article are 5th grade students. The students did not just create the project, but they also learned things they never knew before.


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