Tiger Press

San Marcos Elementary

Weeks of August 26th and September 3

Important Dates

9/3 Wheel Day Practice

K-9:05- (Wed.)

4-12:10 -(Wed.)

5- 10:15


1st- 12:10


8/30 All F & P Data entered

8/30 1-5th Flag Salute

9/3 CELDT Testing begins

9/4 5th @ Nancy Fetzer

9/5 Math Coach-Meghan Hein to visit at 1:30

9/6 Primary Flag Salute

Tiger Tid-Bits

  • Quote of the Week- this was an email that was received this week...WAY TO GO!
Hello Mrs. Cantu!

I just wanted to send out a quick thank you/ kudos! I have Arussi Barrera in my ELD 3 class. Today she told me that she knew the One-Chunk paragraph because her teacher Mrs. Cantu taught her! You may not know, but this is rare for students coming from 5th grade! She also told me that you were very well organized and she always understood your lessons! So good job, & thanks!

Jesse McAteer


  • UNIFORMS: Please be sure to talk with your students about the importance of wearing their school uniforms. It is mandatory that they where them every day. BOTH girls and boys need to have their sweatshirts unzipped unless it is wintertime outside. Please help us to enforce this new rule. I walked around and noticed this is not happening in every classroom.


  • We will be coming around to your PLC Meetings this Wednesday for a moment to explain the Wheel Day practice.
  • Please ensure you are out at your spot for duty every morning and afternoon.

EDUCATION CORNER- Disruptive Students

New Apps, Tweets, Tech Uses

  • New APP of the DAY-Word SWAP


Next installment of our THEME for the year.

choose 2 matter

Great Things I Have Noticed

  • ...a new Math Corner. New CCSS were posted and anchor charts for the Place Value Unit were posted.
  • ...guided reading rotations already happening in the first week
  • ...students in parallel lines talking
  • ...clear student behavior expectations being set using Class Dojo
  • ...1st grade students setting goals and discussing them with their partners
  • ...Tier II and III vocabulary words being taught in 5th grade
  • ...teacher explaining how to use background knowledge to understand complex text in 3rd grade
  • OVERALL- students engaged in learning right from the start of the school year- WAY TO GO!