Spain Trip

Going to Madrid

Airfare cost

-$900 Roundtrip

Cites we are going to/important cities

-Toledo, Valencia, and Merida


-Regina, Atlantico Madrid, and Gran Versalles

What we will do/Cultural Activities

-Site see


1.Prado Museum

2.Sorolla Museum

3.Retiro Park

4.Bernabeu Stadium

5.Madrid Arena

6.Medsegs Segway Tours

7.Walks of Spain Tapas Tour

8.Colosseum tours

9.Madrid walks


-We will go from place to place either riding a bus, train, or car.

-The bus would take one hour and it would cost 5 euros.

-The train would take 30 minutes and would cost a little under 9 euros.

-The car would take around one hour.

Packing essentials

-Well it would be nice in Madrid, so I would bring some shorts, t-shirts, and comfortable tennis shoes(for the walking).

-Also because it might get a little chilly at night I would bring a pair of pants and a jacket.