Bessie Coleman

Early Aviator

Date of birth: January 26, 1892
Location: Atlanta, Texas

Date of death: April 30, 1926
Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Bessie Coleman was the first black woman with an aviator license. The racial discrimination in America forced her to learn French and move to France to earn her pilot license. Her accomplishments include overcoming racial and gender prejudices. She also showed her determination in learning a new language and moving to foreign country to reach her goals. She later became specialized in aerial trick flying and performing for captivated crowds.

Bessie Coleman benefited the world by breaking through racial barriers.

Bessie Coleman fell to her death in a plane crash in 1926, at only 34 years old.


  • born to a family of poor sharecroppers
  • gender and racial discrimination
  • denied by flying schools in the U.S.


  • determined
  • talented
  • brave


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