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Get to Know Break Up The Barriers'14

The project’s aim of helping mental and physical disabled kids to hold their life tightly in rehabilitation centers. All Interns bring the world and different cultures to people in rehabilitation centers who will never be able to go abroad. We are proud to be source of mativation and a smile of the kids faces 7 years of The Break Up The Barriers. Goal of project; possitive impact, provide personal development, consciousness of social responsibility, experiance of cultural change to introduze Turkey and Turkish Culture. Also, a gala will be held at the end of the project. All rehabilitation centers, parents and the wider public will be invited to gala. Students and trainees will show in gala. ( such as dance, theater… )
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AIESEC Kocaeli Reception Booklet

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Işınsu SALT

Organization Committee President of Break Up The Barriers Project in AIESEC Kocaeli in Turkey