Digital Footprint

It follows you every where...

What Is a Digital Footprint?

A Digital Footprint is the trail that people leave behind on the internet such as comments, posts, etc. Your DIgital Footprint is important because it can affect how people perceive you and businesses can easily search you up now a days.

What does MY Digital Footprint consist of?

My Digital Footprint sees me comment my personal opinions on Youtube videos on how much I enjoyed the video or how can they improve. I also like sharing links on Facebook on current events or things I think my friends would enjoy viewing. On Snapchat, I post funny or awkward moment between me and my friends. I never post anything that I know would get in me in trouble. My Digital Footprint shows me as a guy that enjoys sports, movies, and having fun with friends.

How Does This affect my future?

I personally think my DIgital Footprint so far has given me a good image. I think it has because when I want to apply for a job next year, I am 99% sure they will look at some of my social media pages only to find that I am a responsible individual and have a majority of a positive Digital Footprint. That's the positive part. Now the only thing that comes to my mind when I think how can my Digital Footprint harm me is I tend to swear on Facebook but if anyone can look past that, then they would see I am good person online and in real life.

How can I improve my Digital Footprint?

I can start posting motivational things on Facebook to make people have a better day. Examples can be quotes from inspirational people now and from history. That can improve my footprint because it shows I like motivating people. Another thing I can do to improve is post things about what is going on at East Leyden. I can promote upcoming games, events, or even tests. These posts may remind people who have forgotten until they saw my post. This shows I look out for people by reminding them.

What Is the Most Important Thing I've Learned About Maintaining A Positive Digital Footprint?

I have learned many things this semester about maintaining a positive Digital Footprint:

  • Once posted, it stays there even if deleted
  • Be smart on what you post
  • Think before posting
  • Think how it affects OTHER people
  • You don't get another Footprint, only 1