AM National Newsletter

#34 | Week 1 | April 2016

AIESEC Airlines Launched!

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Our dream has finally been fulfilled - we now have our very own AIESEC air operator!

Please do consult AIESEC Airlines' brand new website by clicking the button below.

Each LC can now purchase tickets to reserve their very own seat aboard the Summer Peak flight. Each seat in this exclusive trip costs only 20 oGCP Approved! What an unbelievable price! We will give you an update every week to let you know on the availability of tickets - we know you want to buy all the seats for your LC!

Of course the LC with the most seats aboard will be considered our Summer Peak VIP passenger, and will be treated with special privileges and rewards!

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Your Country Needs You! Save Malaysia!

Save Malaysia | Summer 2016

The zombie apocalypse is underway and the only way to save our country is to match all our open iGCP Forms to bring in foreign fighters that will help us get rid of the contagion!

We will give you weekly updates to understand how each LC is holding up and which LCs are being overrun by the living dead!

Let's approve in iGCP like never before so that we can save Malaysia from its impending doom!

In Other News

AIESEC in Malaysia in danger

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For the first time since the beginning of term 15/16 (which started in July 2015), March is the first month to have negative relative growth in both Matches/Approved and Realizations, and we had negative growth in Q1 Approved, which means that the entire Q2 will be affected.

It's time for a wake up call: if nothing is currently happening for EPRD at the very exact moment that you are reading this message, then something is very wrong.

We have a promise towards our country, to have every youth in Malaysia actively involved in building a united nation, so it's time to shed the excuses, the procrastination and inefficient use of time and just execute the biggest Summer Peak this entity has ever seen!

The time for action is now! Only one month left to close EPRD for good!

Updates from MC Office

Out of Office

This Week: Hui Yeen and JT (APC 2016, China)

Next Week: Hui Yeen and JT (APC 2016, China), Jane (EuroXPro 2016, Bulgaria)

What is the MC Up to This Week?

Hanne (MCP)

-> SOGA Submission and Q1 Performance Review

Hui Yeen (FL)

-> APC Facilitation

John (IM)

-> MCVP Round 3 Assessment and CU LLDS

Edward (iGCP)

-> National PBoX Matching SOP Launch and UMP Summer Camp Prep

Peter (iGTP)

-> Closing Sales Leads and FS Matching Strategies Output

Sin Ting (oGTP)

-> EPRD Brand Message Alignment and Member Education Tracking

Erik (CX)

-> CU LLDS Prep and CX Challenge Task 3 Design

Manu (OD)

-> SONA Report and AIESEC Airlines & Save Malaysia Campaigns

Ana (TM)

-> Q1 & Talent Planning Review and UMP Summer Camp

JT (Expansion)

-> APC Facilitation

Pravin (PR)

-> Blog Editors Meeting and Video Tutorial on Local Media contact