Online Tips

Ways to keep you safe online and easy search results

Do you know any ways to keep yourself safe online?

If you don't know here are a few ways.------

  • First off make sure your on a trusted website.

  • Next if you frequently shop online make sure what you are buying is not a to good to be true deal or you could be swindled.

  • Also even though it is convenient to put your financial information online make sure it is well protected and you aren't sharing it with social media or untrusted websites.

  • Speaking of social media make sure your not sharing private information with these websites.

Do you know any easy search results?

If you don't know here are some common search results.

  • Search Bar- That is the bar at the top were you type what your looking for.

  • Advertisements- First few search results ("Look for "ads").

  • Title- Name of your website.

  • Web Address- Green address under title.

  • Snippet- Short excerpt from website.

Always be safe online

Keep your search results simple

We give you helpful tips for future reference