The 15th Amendment

Voting Rights for All Men

What Happened

  • During this time people became increasingly aware of the rights of slaves
  • This led to the division of the nation between the North and the South
  • The Southern states allowed slavery and gave few rights to African Americans and the opposite was true for the North
  • This tension between the two regions led to the Civil War

The Civil War

  • Eventually led to the freedom of all slaves
  • Started soon after Abraham Lincoln was elected President
  • First battle was at Fort Sumter
  • The Emancipation Proclamation resulted from this war and so did the Fifteenth Amendment
  • The Fifteenth Amendment gave all men regardless of race, color, or previous condition of servitude the right to vote.

What People DId and Obstacles Faced

  • The main obstacle faced was bias and tradition: the South only knew slavery and that was how their parents before lived so how were they supposed to live differently
  • Politics passed acts to limit the expansion of slavery
  • Some newspapers printed news regarding slaves and their rights
  • A war was fought to free slaves