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Over the past two weeks, Classy Connections w/ Zakeya has imposed on a controversial topic of Main Chicks vs. Side Chicks. Although, this topic can come across to many people as offensive, the fact is that in this day and age we live in a world where people don't value the true meaning of relationships.

Wives believe that their marriage is sacred and filled with trust and loyalty and the woman on the side feels that it's her duty to stand by a man, listen to him and give him what he needs when the wife is not fulfilling her duties.

We've heard the views of the both a main chick and side chick as well as a man who is not in the middle, but shared his opinion with the world. Let us know your opinion after viewing the shows by logging on to

Main Chick vs. Side Chick Pt. 1

Main Chick vs. Side Chick Pt. 2

This week our Main Chick & Side Chick were joined by Kent Supaman TwoPointFive on Classy Connections w/ Zakeya


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