What's Happening

Week of February 4th


Monday, February 4th

*****Deadline for Teacher of the Year submissions made to Principal

8:00 SDI team to watch webinar

11:00 Dr Appt

1:00 Meeting with para

1:30 Meet with ALT school

2:50 PD

5:00 Wake

Tuesday, February 5th

8:00 Preschool Team meeting

9:00-3:00 SDI training--I will be out of the building

5:30 PTO meeting

Wednesday, February 6th

8:00 CARE team

9:00 IEP meeting

10:00 IEP meeting

10:45 Help with YR

2:30 Parent meeting

4:00 All Admin meeting

7:00 PAC meeting

Thursday, February 7th

8:00 Sped Team--all K-5

9:30 Team meeting for DB

10:45 Help with YR

12:00 IEP meeting

3:45 Kindness Club

Friday, February 8th

8:10 PBIS Tier 2 meeting

10:30 Meet to go over BC data

10:45 Help with YR

1:30 Meet with Jill Bisenius

2:00 Preschool meeting

A few reminders............

This is just a friendly reminder that the expectation during the day is professional dress. I do understand that you need to take your classroom and student age group into consideration in terms of deciding what to wear (being on the floor alot, aggressive students, etc) and I support that. However, jeans should NOT be a daily occurrence during the work week. Wednesdays we have Windsuit Wednesday, Fridays are spirit days and are days for jeans, as are any other special occasions that have been identified as a building.

This is another friendly reminder that if you are sick and going to be gone that you need to call me by 6:30 AM based on the new district expectations. If I am unable to answer then you can leave a message. Otherwise I need to speak to you. Text messages, emails or phone messages on the school phone are not sufficient.

Thank you for your attention to these items.


Feb. 5 5:30-6:30 PTO meeting

Feb. 7 3:45 Kindness Club meets

Feb. 15 2:30 Valentine's Day parties

Feb. 25 Conferences

Feb. 26 Conferences

Mar. 1 Conference Exchange Day