Alfred Deakin

Prime Minister

Alfred Deakin

Born: August 3, 1858, Melborune

Died: October 7, 1919, South Yarra, Melbourne

Party: Protectionist Party

Children: Vera Deakin, Stella Deakin, Ivy Deakin

Previous Offices: Prime Minister

Spouse: Pattie Brown


Alfred Deakin was the second Prime Minister. He was Prime Minister for 5 years. He believed that governments should try new ideas and improve the lives on Australians. Alfred believed that all Australian colonies should join together (federate) and become one nation. He became Prime Minister when Edmund Barton resigned. Alfred Deakin, The Australian politician, was a leader of the movement for Australian Federation and later the second Prime Minister of Australia.

Alfred Deakin made a significant contribution to the development of Australia's political and social institutions, taking a leading role in the cause of Federation, and in the drafting of the Constitution for the Commonwealth of Australia.

Deakin University Library's special collections through the Alfred Deakin Prime Ministerial Library. These collections are rich in 19th century publications reflecting the cultural and social milieu of the period 1850-1920. Visitors to the Reading Room are also able to research their family history using the Library's large genealogy collection. He was one of the prime ministers who held the position three times.