My Introduction

Three Things About Me

One thing that I think is cool about me, is that I was adopted when I was a baby with my twin brother, Thomas. The crazy part is I look exactly like my family and love all the same things they do. This has caused me to really think hard about the nature vs. nurture debate!

Another fact about me is that I am a waitress at a senior living community called Brookdale senior living, previously known as Foundation house. I love my job and all my coworkers but I am contemplating getting a new job for the summer!

Lastly, I have a huge passion for music. Whether its singing praise music at church or rocking out to the latest Lana Del Rey or Drake song in the car im always in the mood to listen to a good song. I also play the ukulele and guitar!

Two Favorite Activities

One of my favorite activities is shopping, it may sound cliché and very girly but a mall trip will never fail to brighten my mood. I love to go shopping by myself, maybe its because I like the feeling of independence ?

Another one of my favorite activities is going to the gym. Much like shopping the gym makes me feel good. After a workout I always feel motivated and ready to concur the world. Also working out means getting to listen to fun upbeat music which is a huge plus.

One Dream Job

Although I am studying to be a nurse, my dream job would be being a cosmetologist. I have always loved make up, hair styling and experimenting with all the latest beauty hacks. I can spend hours doing my makeup and not think twice about how much of my day I just took up. Lately, I have been doing a lot of my friends hair and make up for different events such as prom, homecoming, Make A Wish galas and so on. I love watching people turn around and see a whole new side of themselves that they have never seen before!