News from the 'View

Skyview Upper Elementary School

THANK YOU for participating in our annual Community Service Day!

January Happenings

We return to school on Monday, January 2, 2017.

1/6 - Home & School Meeting 9:30 a.m.

1/11 - 5th Grade Hoops for Heart Assembly

1/13 - Spelling Bee - 9 a.m.

1/16 - School Closed

Music Ensemble Rehearsals- Scheduling revisions underway!

We are in the process of revising our music ensemble rehearsal schedule(s) for January 2017. Please note that beginning in January, 6th grade music rehearsals will be held on ACE days and 5th grade music rehearsals will be held on BDF days. Students will be able to participate in multiple ensembles. All 5th grade students will remain in homeroom on ACE days and all 6th grade students will remain in homeroom on BDF days. Detailed information regarding rehearsal schedules will be provided to students and families in early January (in advance of rehearsals beginning the week of January 16th.)

6th Grade Math Placement testing

Skyview 6th grade students will begin the process of screening for placement in 7th grade Math at Arcola in January. All students will take two standardized math assessments: January 26th and either January 18th (Constellations and Astronomers) or 19th (USA and Celestials.)