Wild Boar

Wild Boar- Sus scrofa Linnaeus

This boar is from the region of Eurasia, North Africa, and Greater Sunda Islands.

Information on the Wild Boar:

The wild boar has one of the widest geographic distributions of all terrestrial mammals, and this range had been greatly expanded by human activity. The pig is originally from Eurasia but has now spread to all continents, except Antartica.

Damage the Wild Boar Causes:

These wild pigs can cause much damage but the most common is destroying pastures and crops by rooting. Damage to livestock watering holes has also been a problem. In one case the pigs have been able to break into turkey pens, damaging the feeders and eating all the turkey feed.

How do we contain these species?

The best thing to do is have the best fencing around livestock and pastures to keep them out. Cage trapping is going to be the best control method.
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