By: Destini Olubunmi

"Continuous effort- not strength or intelligence- is the key to unlocking true potential"- Winston Churchill

What is Perseverance ?

Perseverance can be characterized in a wide range of ways, however it constantly is having persistence, buckling down, and having conviction and responsibility to never surrendering regardless of what the circumstances.

Description of Jackie Robinson's Life

Born January 31,1919 to a family of sharecroppers in a poverty-stricken household, Jackie Robinson became a trailblazer for African-Americans in major league sports.Jackie’s career was quite successful during his adult life. Not only was Jackie exceptional at baseball he also accomplished other college sports. Such as when he led the Pacific Coast Conference by scoring twice. He also reached an All-American football status. After signing with Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947 Jackie’s first few years of major league baseball were very difficult. He received racist jeers from the fans and even his family received threats. He persevered through these adversities by holding his head high and playing the best he could.

Jackie did what ever he could to stand his ground and stay convicted. He demonstrated this when he walked along side with Martin Luther King Jr. during a march from Selma to Montgomery against segregation. One of his iconic quotes was I’m not concerned with your liking or disliking me. All I ask is that you respect me as a human being”. Although he faltered along the way, not only was did he persevere through his adversities but this comes to show that what made him a truly wonderful man was the courage, grit, and resolve that he showed all throughout his career.

Compare and Contrast Venn Diagram

In this infographic I will be explaining the similarities and different character traits between great speakers: Eleanor Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.
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Robby Novak: Problem and Solution

Robby Novak is best known as Kid President. He is also known for being such an inspiring and optimistic kid.

Robby has a life-long chronic condition called osteogenesis imperfecta. The conditions of the disease include hearing loss, fatigue, joint laxity, curvature of the bones, scoliosis, blue sclerae in the eye, brittle teeth, short stature, and body aches. This disease also affects the heart and lungs in ways that scientist have not fully understood yet. With this disease it also cause your bones to become brittle, so every couple of months Robby has to get an infusion of medicine of either pamidronate of bisphosphate. Also Robby has had over 70 bone breaks.

Despite these adversities, he still remains as playful and active as any other kid.

and has shown an immense amount of bravery. To make make everyone feel better Robby even made an online web videos on pep talks on “How to make the world more awesome”. He wants the world to be "funner" and he even says “ Treat everyone like it’s their birthday” meaning treat everyone the the best everyday.

His "Kid President" feature has been seen 12 million times on the web. In it, Robby gives the world an energy talk, yet its his life off camera that is the genuine motivation.

Winston Churchill: Cause and Effect

Sir. Winston Churchill was a well-liked and inspiring historical figure.

He was born in Marlborough, England on November 30, 1874 to Jennie Jerome and Lord Randolph Churchill . Throughout His childhood young Winston Churchill had many childhood illnesses and his parents were absent most of the time. At the age of 8 Winston was shipped off to a boarding school. Churchill was never an excellent student but was well-liked and often a troublemaker. At the age of 12 he was accepted into the prestigious Harrow Boarding School. After completing his studies he was soon accepted into Royal Military College. Throughout his life he has shown an immense amount of bravery, efficiency, and dedication.

For example in when Winston joined the Boer War which was going on in South Africa at the time, not only was he shot but was also captured and spent nearly a month as prisoner. Then with bravery and dedication he was able to escape.

He also became a war correspondent for the London’s The Daily Graphic and began his long writing career. This also demonstrates some of his character traits of being a dedicated and diligent worker and However he is best known for leading and empowering England with his speeches.During this time World War 2 was going on and the Nazis were seeming as if they could not be defeated. Winston Churchill once said, “ If you’re going through hell keep going”. From this quote, we know that he believed that even if it seems like you will never give out of that situation never give in or give up.

415 Runners: Timeline/Sequencing

In this timeline I will be demonstrating to the reader how the 415 runners have showed perseverance through their journey.
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In conclusion many things can be learned from these stories about people who have persevered thorough their obstacles. Things that these stories have in common is that you can not stay idle or complacent even if it feels like the problem is working its self out it could just be getting worse. So must always remember to never quit