Local News update election of 1800

This years election is between Adams and Jefferson

Who is the best candidate?

In the 1800 presidential election Thomas Jefferson a democratic-republican was a candidate, the other candidate was John Adams a federalist. Jefferson wanted the people to rule (common rule), when Adams wanted the rich and educated to rule the country. Adams preferred a strong central government as all federalist did. Jefferson preferred a more limited government just like the rest of the democratic-republicans. Thomas Jefferson was George Washington’s cabinet member for secretary of state. John Adams was a president who was going for his 2nd term. Thomas Jefferson was the best candidate, because he wanted people to be more powerful, wanted to have better trade with France, and most of all did not want to raise taxes and tariffs.

Reasons why Thomas Jefferson is the best candidate.

The main reasons why he is the best.

Thomas Jefferson was a man that realized the country was in enough debt already, so he thought that we should lower taxes and tariffs, not raise them. He also believed that the people and states should rule this country not the central government, like the federalist believed the central government should rule the country. Most of all he wanted to increase trade with France which would help the economy with all the debt we had.

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