Memory Improvement Tips

Mary-Margaret Curley, NCVPS Honors Psychology, Amy Hood

Cram Session and Chill?

Avoid cramming when studying. Even though it is easy to put things off and wait until the end to study you probably shouldn't do that.

Stay Organized

Keeping the information that you are studying organized is vital to your success. Be sure to stay organized in all your classes so you know what to study and when.

Mnemonic Devices?

The use of mnemonic devices is a proven way to keep your memory up to date. If you are trying to remember something hard; like sine, cosine, and tangent; use a mnemonic device to remember it. Sine Opposite Hypotenuse Cosine Adjacent Hypotenuse Tangent Opposite Adjacent.

Visual Concepts

Using visual aids to help you study can help you remember things that are hard. If you are having trouble remembering how to solve a problem drawing pictures can help you remember what you need to.


We all know sleep is our favorite thing to do. When trying to study for a big test try to get some sleep. When you are struggling to remember things sleep will help you remember things.