Ocean biome

Abiotic/biotic factors and climate.


Biotic:whale,Sharks,sea cucumber,algae,coral.

Climate:100 inches of rain a year,39 derese.

Plant life,animal life.

Plant life:algae,flora,coral,funna,sea weed,

Animal life:squid,dolphins,whales,Sharks,sea cucumbers.

Why do we need this biome,how we affect it,what can be done to protect it.

1.The ocean has countless resources.

2.Over fishing and oil spills.

3.Make better choices for the environment.

What is this biome known for,interesting facts,interesting fact.

1.known for covering 70% of the world

2.94% of life on earth is aquatic

3.we have explored less than 10% of the worlds oceans

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