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The Knightly News, February 2017

Ready to Learn - Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe

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I Love to Read Month - Month of February, 2017

We have a busy month lined up! Some activities planned:

* Reading Minutes Contest: for every 10 minutes a student reads, they will be entered into a draw to win a prize! Parents will need to initial the reading log that will come home, verifying how much the student has read. Winners will be announced and given their prizes at the end of every week.

* Book Covers: will cover our walls! The cover of every book that is read will be photocopied and hung on our walls. Maybe all the walls in the school will be covered!

* Spelling Bees: One grade each week will have a spelling bee in the bandroom at lunchtime, and winners will receive a prize.

* Bingo - Students will have a chance to fill out bingo cards for the type of book they read (ex. fiction, non-fiction, biography, etc). The first class that hands in a completed bingo card will win a prize.

* Reading buddies - Our school has partnered up with Southwood School, and our students will be going to read to their students!

* Homeroom Reading Race - the homeroom that has the most reading minutes will receive a banner and who knows, maybe even a few goodies!

* "Caught ya!" - if a student is "spied" reading by Mrs. Rebizant, they will get a little reward!

Important Dates to Remember

Wednesday, February 15 Extreme Sledding Competition in Winnipeg for some Grade 8 students

Monday, February 20 Louis Riel Day (No Classes)

Tuesday, February 21 Grade 8 French Field Trip

Wednesday, February 22 Grade 8 Band at Optimist Festival

Friday, February 24 HTA Professional Development Day (No Classes)

Friday, March 10 Administration Day (No Classes)

Monday, March 13 End of Term 2

Friday, March 17 Term 2 Report Cards

Wednesday, March 22 Parent Teacher Interviews, 4:30-7:30

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"Spread the Net"

The Social Justice Knights are having a hot chocolate sale at lunch during the week of February 13th to 17th. They are raising money for an organization called "Spread the Net" to help provide mosquito nets for countries that are affected by malaria. The cost is $1.00 per cup of hot chocolate or $1.25 for a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Please come and support our fundraising efforts!

Basketball is Underway!

All games and practices have been added to the calendar on the SMS website. Basketball players should have brought home a practice and game schedule as well.

Good luck to all our teams!

Makerspace at the HSD Board Office

On Tuesday evening, a group of students, led by Mr. North and Mr. Neufeld, attended at the Hanover School Division monthly Board Meeting and showed them a little of what is done in our Makerspace program. The School Trustees and School Superintendents were "wowed" by the presentation! Thank you to Mr. Neufeld and Mr. North for their work in this presentation, and also for all the students who gave up their Tuesday evening to make this presentation. We are proud of you!

Knights of the Month

This year, our school has decided to recognize a student from every grade each month as a Knight of the Month. These students have gone above and beyond to make SMS a respectful, responsible and safe place to be! These students get their pictures put up on the special "Knights of the Month" bulletin board, plus they get to have a pizza lunch with Mrs. Rebizant. So far, our Knights have been:

For October: Grade 8 - Gian, Grade 7 - Khean, Grade 6 - Alexandra, Grade 5 - Kayden

For November: Grade 8 - Adriana, Grade 7 - Kara, Grade 6 - Corinna, Grade 5 - Janae

For December: Grade 8 - Jerzy, Grade 7 - Ryland, Grade 6 - Morgan, Grade 5 - Anabelle

For January: Grade 8 - Jan Felix, Grade 7 - Araya, Grade 6 - Keanna, Grade 5 - Erika

For February: Grade 8 - Gerick, Grade 7 - Reese, Grade 6 - John Rovic, Grade 5 - Corina

Congratulations to these students and thank you for your hard work in our school!

Reminder to Students

When walking to school, please walk on the sidewalks (not the street), do not cross private property or do anything to excite pets that may be in the neighbor's yards. We want to make sure you have a safe walk to school!

For Your Information

Notification of several lockdown drills will occur in March and April. These practice drills are done to prepare for events or times when such an action may be necessary. Homeroom teachers have prepared their students to reduce anxiety.

Grade 8's Enjoying Cedarwood!

Are you interested in becoming a Yearbook Patron?

We would love to have some businesses "advertise" in our Yearbook! Your business can show its' support of Stonybrook Middle School by becoming a patron, by making a donation to help pay for publishing. This donation will be recognized in the Yearbook under the title "Patrons", with your name and logo. If you are interested in making a donation, there is a link to a Patron Form on our website, Thanks for your participation!

Community Events

Red Cross Babysitting Course

Red River College (Steinbach Campus) is offering a Red Cross Babysitting Course. This course is designed to prepare adolescents 11 years of age and older for babysitting. Participants will learn important child care skills, safety tips for children of all ages, how to cope with common problems, how to make the children's environment safe and enjoyable, some great games and what to do in case of an emergency. Students need to bring a doll or teddy bear, pencil and eraser and a lunch. Students will need to be signed in and out by an adult.

Tuition: $59.00

Date: Saturday, March 4, 2017

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Please register in person or by phone a minimum of 5 business days prior.

Payment can be made by phone using a credit card, or in person with cash, cheque, debit or credit card.


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