Who killed Mr. Parrish


As group members , we have investigated the death of Jack Parrish. He was killed at time. The autopsy report states the victim was poisoned by 30mg of toxic substances. The four suspects are Erin Dixon, Kelly Lecceardone, John Rice, and Andy Sales. All of which work at the Lovett school with Mr. Parrish.

Suspects at Interrogation

Wednesday, Nov. 19th, 4:30pm

4075 Paces Ferry Rd NW

Atlanta, GA

  • Erin Dixon- While being interrogated, suspect states that she was friends with Mr. Parrish but he was difficult to work with. Her alibi says that at 1:30, she was at a local restaurant, Soho, with Kelly Lecceardone, another suspect. At 4:00 pm, she was at a meeting at Lovett. (While being interrogated, seems very suspicious.)
  • John Rice- When being interrogated, suspect states that Jack Parrish and him had no tension with each other. John Rice carries around a poison that he uses to help the rodent problem at the baseball fields. Poison could be used to kill victim. Alibi says that he was at the baseball facility at 1:30. It also says that he was in Gainesville at 4:30.
  • Andy Sales-When being interrogated, suspect states that he had no tension with Parrish util the 6th grade Chattanooga trip when Parrish was quite rude about the trip. His Alibi states that at 1:30 he was dealing with a poisonous mushroom problem at a local neighborhood. At 4:30, he says that he was back here for basketball practice.
  • Kelly Lecceardone- While being interrogated, suspect states that she didn't like that Jack Parrish stole her gummy bears. She also says that at 1:30 she was with Ms. Dickson at a local restaurant called Soho eating lunch. At 4:30, she says she was playing with her dog Gino at home.


With the evidence that we have gaine, our conclusion states that teh kilelr of Jack Parrish is Erin Dixon

Reasons & Clues

When we were searching for clues and observations, we found two clues at the crime scene that sticked out to us. the first clue was the letters h and s smeared in blood on the wall. We then looked up hs in the dictionary and what came up was the chemical element hassium. Which revolves around science. The only suspect that teaches science was Erin Dixon. Also, the second clue we found was the powder left on a spoon at the crime scene. It looked like the same powder that Ms. Dixon had at the interrogation interview. Baby powder was also a in the chemical lab, which looks like the powder Ms. Dixon had.
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