Mobile Learning

5 Apps to enhance your classroom

Below each of these 5 apps, I have included a link to their page on the app store. If you do not have an apple device, you may not be able to download all the apps.


What it is

Notability is an app that allows you to save notes to your mobile device. You can write, type, highlight, draw, and add pictures. The app allows you to divide your notes by subject, and search for key words in your notes.


What it is

This app allows you to create virtual flashcards that you can save and add to at anytime. It shows you one side of the card, and at your tap shows the opposite side. You can organize your flashcards into subjects or units.

myHomework Student Planner

What it is

Giving students the ability to track their assignments and tests for all classes is easy with this app. The app can be programmed to send reminders, download teacher's class information, and schedule homework and classes.

Mark Calculator

What it does

Often times grading, weight, and final marks can be confusing for students to figure out. Thankfully, Mark Calculator allows students to input all the information about their grades and successfully calculates for them.

Letter School

What it does

Designed for younger students, but may also be used for ESL or children who are developmentally challenged, this app is a fun way for students to learn how to write their letters. It is a unique app because it incorporates fun new ways to write the letters. For example, students may drag a rocket ship to connect the dots and create a letter.

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My name is Kathleen DeGeer and I am a student in the University of Alberta's EDU 210 class. I have learned a lot about mobile learning and how to integrate technology pedagogically into a classroom.