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Ms. Sayed Arabic Class

To Tarbiyah Academy's 5th and 6th Grade Familes,

As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuhu,

In sha Allah, this finds you in the best of health and highest of Iman. :)

What's Happening in Arabic class

Arabic class grouping

As you may know, we have several levels of ability in each Arabic class. I divided the students, in each class, into 3 levels. Each level will be given appropriate exercises and homework that is suitable. The 3 levels are nicknamed *Yasmeen*, *Foll*, and *Ward* (names of flowers in Arabic). Your child is in one of the levels (see below). As such, when you log into ManageBac, look for the homework and/or activities for the proper level under the names *Yasmeen*, *Foll*, and *Ward*.




Numbers Flash Cards

Please help your student memorize Arabic numbers 1-10

Learning through Games !!

This website is full of interactive games that help Arabic students of all levels learn alphabets, words, vocabulary, and grammar:
Please have your child spend two 10-15 minute sessions a week on this website to emphasize what we learn in class and to review previously learned concepts.

Learn House Vocabulary for Kids in Arabic - تعليم مفردات البيت باللغة العربية للاطفال

New videos for your kids to enjoy !!

Listening is an important part of learning language,it will get their ear used to the language. Please let your kid listen to this video every night and sign the listening log . The video is attached.

حكاية ليلى والذئب .. رسوم متحركة للأطفال
Adam goes to school - Arabic story - - Arabic reading book
Weekdays and months in Arabic for children - تعلم أيام الأسبوع و الأشهر بالعربية للأطفال

I love to hear from you.....

Please email me with any comments, questions, suggestions, and/ or concerns you may have.


Ms. Sayed