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Hello everyone-

I hope you and your family are doing well! Our kiddos are doing such a great job in the classroom and our other settings. They are making friends, taking turns, learning important social skills, and they're becoming successful with their classroom routines and practices.

We have finished up our fall literacy and math benchmarking. Our teachers, interventionists, SSD team, and counselors will be working together in the next weeks to figure out how additional supports will be provided to our students in the classroom.

Please reach out at any time to share any questions, concerns, or ideas. I am here to help and support you and your family. Thanks for all you do to help keep our students and staff safe.

Take Care-


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A Day

5:00 pm Board of Education Work Session

Please click HERE or paste the link below to in a web browser to join the webinar for the workshop or the Board meeting.


B Day

12:00 pm Power Hour via zoom - information below

6:30 pm PTO meeting in cafe or Join Zoom Meeting


C Day

Yom Kippur click here to learn more Click here to view a student read aloud about Yom Kippur

First day of Hispanic Heritage Month click here to learn more. Click her to view a student read aloud of Rene has Two Last Names


D Day


A Day

Wear your spirit wear- Robinson or KSD- or just wear red!


Green Tree Parade 10 am

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Learning About Literacy

Hop onto one of these power hours to ask questions of our literacy team about the 21-22 elementary instruction & resources.

Tuesday, Sept. 14 at 12:00 pm

Tuesday, Sept. 28 at 6:00 pm

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Students' Literacy Learning

As we settle into our curriculum work, I wanted to share the above visual that you will see in many places and communication sources. This Comprehensive Literacy Model is driving the work that we are planning for students in the areas of reading, writing, phonics, grammar and more.

You may have already heard your student talking about Sonday, our new phonics program. This fast-pace daily program is allowing students to see, hear, write, and even feel the sound patterns that make up words they will see in reading and infuse into their own writing. Make sure to ask them about this!

We are looking forward to students also growing as readers and writers this year. This work follows a predictable pattern for students no matter what grade level they are in. We have the same reading and writing routines across all our grade levels.

Our students begin with a mini lesson at the carpet. This is 10-15 minute lesson based on a grade level skill. The teacher begins this time by connecting the skill for the day to the work they've done previously (activates background knowledge) and to why the skill is important as a reader or writer. The teacher then uses a mentor text to model the skill and thinks aloud about how to understand, apply, and produce the skill. Next is active engagement where the kids quickly practice the skill with the teacher moving around the carpet to hear them and provide feedback.

The next session of the lesson is shared reading or shared writing. During this time, students are working either in groups, partnerships, or independently to practice the skill that was introduced with grade level text. The teacher provides stronger scaffolding and support as needed during this first practice of the skill.

The reading/writing workshop then goes into independent practice with texts at students own levels. During this time students are applying the skill they are working on within their own book or writing. The teacher is conferring 1:1 with students, or meeting with small groups, or taking anecdotal assessment data to move the students forward. Throughout this time the teacher is providing lots of feedback to kids, helping them set and monitor goals, and using systematic data collection to plan their next steps.

The reading/writing workshop concludes with share outs. This is students' time to shine. They get to talk about their reading/writing and how they were able to apply the skill from today. They are able to reflect on why/how the skill makes them a better reader or writer and celebrate their progress with their classmates.

Literacy Learning is a large part of our day. Both our teachers and students are working very hard to help our Roadrunners become better readers and writers. If you ever have questions about your child's progress or what you can do to support your child's literacy at home, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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Social, Mental, and Emotional Health- a Goal within the KSD 5 Year Strategic Plan

This week we are focusing on Anxiety. Please check out the books/resources to help your child with feelings of anxiousness and worry.

Please watch the videos below with your child to see the stories again or for the first time.

Supporting Staff Wellness- Safety Plans

Thank you to everyone who contributes to PTO. They have a staff appreciation committee that supports our staff wellness by purchasing items listed on staff member's safety plans. These are a variety of items like beverages, candy, chips, etc. When a staff member is dysregulated and needs a pick me up, they can come to the staff cabinet and grab what they need to help get them back to the green zone. Thanks to the PTO Staff Appreciation for supplying these items for our staff!

Thank you for helping us to support our staff wellbeing.

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Goal to improve communication

Another area of our school improvement plan and the KSD strategic plan is Communication.

Please complete this quick 4 question survey about communication- we will use the survey results to create our action plan to improve communication with our families.

If you would like to serve on the committee that will be writing our action plan for communication- please click here to sign up. We will have one meeting where we look at the results of our survey and create our plan. We will be meeting on September 21st from 6:00-7:30 pm. We hope that you can join us to share feedback regarding communication and help us make a plan to move our building forward in this area.

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Discounted Home Internet Access

Home internet access is important for student success, whether learning in-person or at home. To provide all families with the opportunity to access the internet, the FCC has launched a temporary program, Emergency Broadband Benefit, to help families struggling to afford internet service. The Emergency Broadband Benefit will provide a discount of up to $50 per month toward broadband service for eligible families and households who are struggling to stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Eligible households can also receive a discount of up to $100 for the purchase of a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet from participating providers. For more info, please visit:

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September 23-24, 2021

Robinson learners K-5 will watch a short video about bicycle safety and road rules during Wellness class.

Sunday, September 26th, is Bike drop-off day. Please bring your child’s bike for drop-off in the back parking lot from 4:30-6:00 PM. The bikes will be labeled with your child’s name and will be locked in the gym for the week of the rodeo.

Bike pick-up will be on Thursday, September 30th from after pick-up until 6:30pm in the back parking lot. We cannot collect bikes or return them during drop-off or dismissal time. If your child does not have a helmet, bike, or does not know how to ride one; help, bike and/or helmet will be provided.

September 27-30, 2021 is our Bike Rodeo. We will be conducting a bicycle safety obstacle course during your child(ren) Physical Education scheduled time on our blacktop. Kirkwood Officer TJ Stemmler and other fellow officers will be on hand to help students fixed bikes, fit helmets properly, and help our Robinson learners to ride with patience and humor. Please have your child bring their helmet to school on the days they have PE. Please put your child’s name on their helmet. Please have your child dressed appropriately for this activity. Tennis shoes are a must for participation.

If you have any questions please e-mail or contact us.

Jennifer Morgan & Brad Wilds 213-6100 ext. 4471

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Spirit Wear Sales

Our fall spirit wear is now up and running. We will do a winter and spring sale as well but through a different vendor so the items will be different.

Happy shopping!

Store –

Store Dates

Open: 9/8 – 9/23 at midnight

Completion: 10/7

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PTO Meeting- September 14th at 6:30 in the cafe or via zoom

We hope you can join us for our meeting on Thursday the 14th in the cafe. You may also join us virtually via zoom.

Robinson PTO is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Robinson PTO Monthly Meeting

Time: Sep 14, 2021 06:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

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Repeated Information Below

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Please direct questions to:

Cheri Nienhaus: or April Curtis:

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